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Experienced employees of Freedom Broker Armenia in the format of seminars will talk about the main trends in the world of investments

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Stock market and investments
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Freedom Broker Armenia
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Investments in the stock market
Why is the stock market attractive to investors?
  • Less risk due to portfolio diversification
  • an opportunity to earn income not only from the sale of shares, but also from dividends
  • Ability to choose your own investment strategy, from the most conservative to the most aggressive
  • Savings that have been partially invested in stocks for three years or more are less likely to be affected by inflation
A stock index that includes a basket of 500 selected US equity companies with the largest capitalizations
38% growth since 2016
Italian manufacturer of premium sports cars. Based in Maranello. The founder is Enzo Ferrari, who opened it in 1929
Stock growth by 3 times in 2 years
Arista Networks
Manufacturer of high-performance hardware and software solutions for data centers, as well as cloud platforms
The growth of shares by 4.2 times in 2 years
A developer and manufacturer of readers that, paired with a special application, turn any smartphone into an mPOS terminal for accepting bank card payments
The growth of shares by 5 times in 2 years
Program of the investment seminar
During the one-day seminar of Freedom Broker Armenia in collaboration with Quick Start, you will learn about investing in the stock market.
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Stock Market and Stock Exchange Opportunities
Securities, their types and use
Stock Market and Stock Exchange Opportunities
What will you learn in 2 hours of training to become a broker?
You will learn the principles of the stock market, its prospects and opportunities
Get valuable advice on diversifying your portfolio and minimizing risks
Actual ideas
Find out investment ideas and current forecasts in a "Pick and Play" format
Expert support
Get advice on your portfolio and investment strategy
Organizer: Freedom Broker Armenia
Freedom Broker Armenia - an investment company with experience in the American stock market
  • A subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp., represented in 13 countries
  • Shares of Freedom Holding corp. are traded on NASDAQ
  • More than 10 years of experience in international financial markets
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