For investments
Freedom Broker Armenia is the right choice for buying shares for individuals and legal entities
All online
Invest via mobile app
Protection of your assets through legislation
Confidentiality and no extra costs
What is included in the broker’s service?
Always available
Assisting asset owners in exercising their rights
Increasing placement in IPO transactions
The "Personal manager" tariff potentially affects the IPO placement as the parameter of paid commissions is heavily weighted in the placement calculation formula.
Always aware of stock exchange events
Our managers provide advice and analysis on financial markets, provide trading and investment ideas
Delivers transactions as per Your orders
As per your requests, the manager delivers different orders, as well as trading orders
Highly qualified specialist
Our managers, in addition to a significant theoretical knowledge of the financial markets, have extensive practical experience in investing and trading, which they are ready to share with customers
Individual tariff plans for brokerage services
Transfer money quickly and without commissions
Whom is it for?
For beginning investors
Who need a reliable guide to the world of investments
For seasoned investors
Who want to minimize personal involvement in the investment process, leave it to an advisor and take care of your business and other personal tasks
Do you have any questions about the broker's services?
Book a free personal consultation about our services.
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You decide when to start investing with the help of the stock broker Freedom Broker Armenia
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You only need a passport to open an online brokerage account. If you have any questions about the service of a currency broker, our managers will be happy to answer them
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How to control the status of the account?
Operatively control the status of your brokerage account, contribute and withdraw funds using our application
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