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"The Forum was significant, engaging, enlightening and hopefully beneficial. Ideally, it will promptly promote the development of the capital market and its culture in Armenia. I look forward to future forums that will not only provide updates on the progress made in this area in Armenia, but also highlight achievements. I also hope that more speakers will engage with the media and effectively communicate their ideas to the public in a clear and unbiased manner".

Armenpress Journalist, Hrayr Nazaryan

"The Forum was instrumental in advancing Armenia's burgeoning retail investment sector, thanks to Freedom Broker's extensive expertise gained from working in comparable economies around the world. The carefully curated topics and speakers facilitated productive discussions, setting a new benchmark for financial literacy in our society, while identifying new opportunities for growth".

Karen Rafaelyan, How2B

"Attending the inaugural conference 'Armenian Capital Markets: Future Outlook' was an incredibly enriching experience. The event featured a diverse line-up of over 20 speakers, including government officials, business leaders and foreign experts, who provided comprehensive insights into Armenia's burgeoning financial markets. Particularly impressive were the discussions focused on improving the investment climate and infrastructure, as well as a presentation by analysts from Freedom Holding Corp. This presentation highlighted Armenia's emerging potential in the global financial sector".

Poghos P., Bank Analyst

"The first Investment and Finance Forum in Yerevan attracted an impressive audience. The joint efforts of Freedom Broker Armenia and the Ministry of Economy in organising the event are to be commended. Both the plenary session and the panel discussions covered a wide range of topics, from Armenia's economic outlook to the digital evolution of finance".

Aram A., Financier

"I was particularly impressed by the strategic discussions focused on stimulating demand for government debt and developing domestic investors. I would like to thank Freedom Broker Armenia for increasing the financial literacy of the population and helping new investors gain confidence. I believe that these efforts are essential for the sustainable economic growth of our country".

Anna K., University lecturer 

"The Forum offered participants not only a platform to discuss investment issues, but also an opportunity to explore and, most importantly, influence the future of the Armenian economy. The discussions were particularly practical, with a focus on digitalisation and financial technologies - crucial elements for modern economic development. If this forum becomes an annual event, I will definitely mark it in my calendar as a landmark event for the financial sector".

Ani M., Financial Director

"It was great to see such a dynamic mix of topics discussed at the Forum. The panels on the national economy and the outlook for the national currency provided a holistic and in-depth view of our country's financial landscape. This event has definitely set a high standard for similar forums in the region. The combination of local and international perspectives enriched the discussions and provided a multifaceted perspective on the issues at hand".

Anaհit B., CEO

"The Forum 'Armenian Capital Markets: Future Outlook' was a professionally run event that brought together distinguished speakers from various sectors of the financial industry. The interactive panel discussions provided an in-depth exploration of various areas within the investment industry. I would recommend this event to anyone wishing to understand or enter the Armenian financial market".

Gor A., Independent Investor

"As a participant, I was impressed by the in-depth coverage of all topics at the Forum, ranging from shaping the investment climate to stimulating demand for sovereign debt. The event not only provided a platform for experienced professionals to exchange ideas, but also attracted many stakeholders from related fields".

Hayk G., Head of Department at a Telecom Company

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