Beware of scammers: cases of fraudulent calls on behalf of Freedom Broker Armenia have become more frequent

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Freedom Broker Armenia, one of the country's leading financial institutions, warns of increasing cases of fraudulent phone calls on behalf of Freedom Broker Armenia. Unknown persons make calls to involve them in dubious financial transactions.

Freedom Broker Armenia recommends not trusting incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers and double-checking information through official communication channels.

Fraudulent calls pose a risk both in terms of maintaining confidential financial information and in terms of potentially making reckless investment decisions. Freedom Broker Armenia emphasizes that these calls are not initiated by the organization and are not related to any investment proposals. Freedom Broker Armenia also warns that it makes outgoing calls only from the official number +(374)-12-252252).

Freedom Broker Armenia urges caution and not trusting calls from unknown parties. If you receive a suspicious call, we recommend:

· do not provide personal or any other information
· in case of any doubt, contact Freedom Broker Armenia directly using the official contact information
· It is necessary to verify the authenticity of any investment proposal by contacting the institution through official channels before taking any action.

Freedom Broker Armenia is committed to the safety and well-being of its clients.

Official sources of Freedom Broker Armenia, where you can get reliable information:

Official phone number: +(374)-12-252252)
Company website:
Social network pages:
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