Founder of ABBYY Group, David Yang, to Speak at Armenia's First Investment and Financial Forum

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The inaugural investment and financial forum in Armenia is scheduled to take place on March 5, 2024, at Dvin Music Hall. This landmark event in the country's financial sector is being organized by Freedom Broker Armenia in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy. It aims to bring together more than 500 participants under one roof. The event will feature 20 renowned speakers, including leaders of large businesses and world-class experts.

The forum will begin with a welcoming speech by the Mher Grigoryan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, and Timur Turlov, the founder and head of the international Freedom Holding Corp. Freedom Broker Armenia is a part of this holding.

David Yang, a successful entrepreneur specializing in artificial intelligence, is confirmed to participate in the upcoming forum. He is the founder and board member of the ABBYY group of companies. David is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences and a recipient of the Russian Government Prize in Science and Technology. According to Forbes magazine, David Yang is one of the top 200 wealthiest businessmen in the world. At the forum, he will be one of the speakers and share his ideas and thoughts on the role of technology in the development of Armenia’s financial sector.

The forum's business program will address key aspects and prospects for developing the country’s financial industry. The event’s highlight will be a plenary session on the topic of "Investment Climate in Armenia and Prospects for the Development of the Capital Markets." The discussion will focus on the country's potential for foreign investment, the financial market infrastructure, the current situation of the capital market, and ways to boost demand for government debt.

The forum will continue with panel discussions on developing domestic investors and attracting companies to the capital market. An essential part of this segment will be the presentation of the latest study by analysts from Freedom Holding Corp. The study "Armenia on the World Map of Stock Markets" will be publicly presented for the first time.

The forum will conclude with a working session on "Digitalization as a Key Factor in the Development of the Financial Industry." Afterward, participants will have the opportunity to network and share their views during the informal part of the event.

The detailed program of the event can be found on its official website here.
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