Freedom Broker Armenia has launched a series of educational seminars

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Freedom Broker Armenia organized an educational seminar on financial literacy for media executives and journalists from leading publications in Yerevan. The event took place in Tsakhkadzor from December 16 to 17. It has launched a series of initiatives aimed at promoting education in finance and investment.

Over the course of two days, Maxim Solodukho, a trainer and teacher at the educational center, an expert in the field of wave analysis, medium- and long-term trading, shared his experience in the field of investment strategies with the editors-in-chief and journalists of leading media outlets. Participants had the opportunity to learn the basics of creating an investment portfolio from scratch, strategies for minimizing risks and protecting assets in the dynamic world of the financial market, as well as understand the basic principles of the development of a market economy and the history of the financial market.

“Education is the cornerstone of financial empowerment and initiatives like these play a critical role in capital market development. Our mission is not only to provide brokerage services but also to help you gain the knowledge necessary to make the right investment decisions. This seminar is our first step towards improving the financial literacy of the residents of Armenia,”- Director of Freedom Broker Armenia Hovak Hovakimyan noted. 

The intensive marked the beginning of educational initiatives. As part of increasing the level of financial literacy of Armenian residents, it is planned to launch information channels dedicated to financial education, as well as to organize lectures and seminars on related topics. Freedom Broker Armenia strives to contribute to society by increasing the financial awareness of the country's population and promoting the principles of responsible and informed investing.

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