“Armenian Capital Markets: Future Outlook” forum postponed to Spring 2024

Publication date
The “Armenian Capital Markets: Future Outlook” investment and financial forum organizers have decided to postpone the event originally scheduled for October 10, 2023. The new date for the forum is set for early Spring 2024.

The forum, a collaborative effort between Freedom Broker Armenia and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, has been eagerly anticipated as a key event to stimulate interest in the development of the capital market in Armenia. It has been designed to create a unique platform for interaction between key stakeholders, including public authorities, business representatives, the media, and the general public.

The event will preserve its general concept regardless of the date change. It will be expected to bring together more than 500 participants, including government officials, business leaders, private investors, and media representatives. The forum’s primary focus will be on facilitating discussions on the investment climate in Armenia and the prospects for capital market development. It featured a plenary session with prominent figures from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia, leading banks, and representatives from local and foreign businesses and investment funds.

In due course, further details regarding the rescheduled date and any necessary updates will be communicated to all stakeholders.

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Roza Grigoryan +374 77 30 34 84

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