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Any person has the right to receive copies of the information provided for in Article 64, Part 3 of the RA Law "On Securities Market" regarding "Freedom Finance Armenia" LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Company). Providing this information is free of charge.

The above information is provided by the Company within three working days after receiving a written application from the person, unless another period is specified in the application.

The application can be submitted in the following ways:

The process of receiving/accepting, discussing and responding to complaints, complaints and requests of the company's customers, the sequence of actions is determined by the procedure for considering and responding to customer complaints and requests, approved by the Board of Directors of "Freedom Finance Armenia" LLC.

What to do if you have a complaint?

According to the RA Law "On Financial System Conciliator", if an individual is not satisfied with the response to a complaint-demand, he has the right to apply to the financial system conciliator, as well as to protect his rights through a court order, to apply to the Central Bank or an arbitration court, if there is an arbitration agreement.

Complaint application
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